Back to (Our New) Normal

After a year of pandemic-related precautions, LPK has largely returned to its pre-pandemic normal. We have retained a few of the good practices we adopted during that difficult time: For one thing, our students wash their hands when they first come into the classroom and before and after snack time.

For another (and this one’s much more fun) we incorporate more outdoor time than we did before. On good-weather days in the fall and spring, we take our students across the street to Poplar Springs Park to explore the trails and the stream, and to learn about the nature that surrounds us.

Otherwise, LPK remains much like it has always been: a tight-knit community of families who learn and play together. We are back to enjoying our beginning-of-the-year ice cream social, our Family Fun nights, our Thanksgiving Feast and Mother’s Day Tea. We are back to near-full enrollment. Our children enjoy their songs and games, and especially their stimulating rotation of seasonal centers (everything from a fall farm stand to a pizzeria to “ice skating” and snowman decorating).

We look forward to lots more fun, and lots more innovative learning opportunities, in the (new) normal years to come!

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