Our classroom is bright and open. Upon entering it your child will find his or her cubby, where our students store their LPK tote bags. The space is centered on our Circle Time rug, where the children gather twice during class to share, listen, learn, sing, and move.

Circle time rug

Circle Time rug 2

Directly behind our Circle Time space you’ll find our Library, a cozy nook with child-sized lounging chairs for curling up with a good book.

Beyond that are our tables, which are used throughout each class. Students gather there during our Arrival/Gathering Time for puzzles, art, and manipulatives play. They return to the tables for projects and activities during 1st and 2nd Center Times. And about halfway through each class, they enjoy a healthy snack there with their friends.

Table area

Behind the tables are our bathrooms (to the right) and our kitchen (to the left).

Next to the tables and in front of the kitchen, you’ll find an open play space where our students play with puzzles and Legos during Arrival/Gathering Time and with blocks and other toys during our 1st and 2nd Center Times.

Open area

Returning to the front of the classroom, to the left of the Circle Time space and in front of the large, open play area, you’ll find our play space that is switched out seasonally. That area, which is used during our 1st and 2nd Center Times, wears many hats. Sometimes it’s a grocery store, sometimes it’s a pizzeria. It’s Santa’s Workshop and a home and a campground and a yard to be cleaned up in the Spring. This corner of the room is a great place for our students’ imaginations to take off!

LPK grocery store

LPK grocery store 2

LPK campground

LPK campground 2

LPK campground 3

LPK springtime clean-up

We hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of our classroom. Contact our Director to see it in person!


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