Our co-op environment offers parents the opportunity to develop and grow with their child in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

What Parents Gain:

  • Having direct input into how your child’s school operates
  • Working directly in your child’s classroom
  • Observing your child’s interactions with his or her peers
  • Gaining the opportunity to observe and learn effective teaching techniques
  • Developing an understanding of age-appropriate behavior and developmental milestones
  • Networking with other parents in the school community

What Children Gain:

  • Making a more comfortable transition from home to school
  • Sharing school experiences with one’s own parent and other nurturing adults in the school community
  • Experiencing an enhanced/extended curriculum due to greater adult/student ratio
  • Developing effective communication skills and the ability and flexibility to interact with adults

Co-op parents’ responsibilities include:

  • Helping in the classroom each month and providing a nutritious snack
  • Selecting and performing a specific job from the “LPK Job Chart” or serving on the Executive Board
  • Participating in fundraising activities, meeting an annual fundraising commitment of $250
  • Attending all General Membership meetings

Our experience has shown that strong parent involvement and commitment to our program ensures a successful first-time educational experience for each child. At LPK, parents have direct input into all aspects of the school and share the responsibility for its day-to-day administration. Parents also share their talents and interests: our students have benefited from parents’ demonstrations on music, agriculture, beekeeping, and even yoga.

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