LPK provides its member families with a variety of opportunities to meet their annual fundraising commitments* and otherwise support LPK financially. From raffles to restaurant nights to traditional sales-based fundraisers, there are options to suit a range of family styles and preferences.

Most fundraisers function on a time-limited basis, but one option is ongoing throughout the year, and indeed is an easy (and free!) way for friends and family of LPK members to help support the school financially:

RaiseRight (formerly known as Scrip) is a fundraising site/app that allows you to order gift cards from hundreds of popular merchants (from Amazon to Home Depot to TJ Maxx, etc.), with a portion of your purchase going to LPK. Merchants vary in the proportion they donate. On average, charitable organizations earn six percent of their members’ gift card purchases – but some merchants contribute as much as twenty percent of the purchase price!

You can sign up at or by downloading the app. Either way, when you use the LPK enrollment code, LPK will be able to track your earnings and apply them to your family’s fundraising commitment.

RaiseRight is a simple way to chip away at your fundraising goals – and support LPK – throughout the year as you make everyday purchases. If you are an LPK family who has not yet signed up for Raise Right, or if you are a friend or family member who would like to support an LPK member family, please contact our director for an enrollment code and instructions on how to get started.

*While most types of fundraisers do earn families credit toward their annual fundraising commitment, restaurant nights do not, because they are simply too difficult to track. LPK appreciates all those who make use of these fundraising opportunities anyway!

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