A Year in the Life of LPK: Our Top Ten of 2019

Like so many schools across our nation and our world, this spring LPK finished up a school year unlike any other. Our students were last in our classroom in mid-March. From then onward, our teachers worked hard to keep LPK’s students engaged through video chats, stories, and activities shared via email and our LPK Facebook page. We enjoyed experimenting with these new media, and soon we’ll share more about what we’ve been doing to stay connected to our wonderful students during the coronavirus crisis.

But for now, we’re looking back fondly to our usual way of moving through the year. Let’s pause to remember 2019, a year full of fun and friends, learning and laughter. We look forward to many more like it in the future!

(1) Winter Fun

Our LPK friends kicked off the year with an exciting new center in the classroom: Snow Day Fun! Students used their imaginations to dress a snowman, build a snow fort, go ice skating and even have a snowball fight! Later in January, LPK families enjoyed an evening together at Youth Play, jumping and playing to get all those wintertime wiggles out.

(2) Spring

In March, our community gathered for a Family Game Night. It was fun to share pizza and board games with our friends, parents, and siblings! At Eastertime the LPK classes had fun parties where our friends got to dye Easter eggs, play games, make lovely cards for their families, and have an Easter egg hunt outside. And over the course of the spring, our students got to watch Painted Lady caterpillars go through their metamorphosis, turning into beautiful butterflies we released into the great outdoors.

(3) Fun Fit

We were outside again for Fun Fit, the day on which our LPK families come to cheer on their kids as they run races, jump hurdles, cross balance beams, and do all sorts of other fun and silly physical activities. Everybody had a blast!

(4) Mother’s Day Tea

One of our most treasured traditions at LPK is the Tea our four-year-old friends host for their mothers. Our moms teared up as their children escorted them into our decorated classroom, served them treats they helped to make, performed songs for them, and presented them each with a special gift.

(5) Graduation

Speaking of tears, more were shed as our four-year-olds processed in front of their loved ones for a sweet ceremony to mark the completion of their time at LPK. Miss Gail and Miss Tracey expressed their fondness for our kids and their confidence that great things lie ahead for them. The children serenaded their families with songs and then everyone enjoyed some fun treats and playground time.

(6) Summer Playdates

LPK hosts weekly playdates every summer, but the playdates of 2019 were something else! We enjoyed tennis and water balloons, favorite outdoor toys, bubbles, balls, family potlucks, Teddy Bear picnics, and even swimming and playing together at the West Howard Swim Club!

(7) A new school year!

The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time at LPK. Our new friends got to know our classroom, our routine, our teachers, and each other. There’s so much to learn and do! A couple of weeks in, the LPK community gathered together for an ice cream social at our playground. Yum!

(8) October

October was a busy month at LPK! So much happened and we can’t pick just one thing to highlight. We kicked off the month with a fun new center in the classroom: the LPK Fall Farm Stand, where our students got to gather eggs, pick apples, and shop for farm produce. Our four-year-old friends got to experience a visit from members of the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company. And later in the month our three-year-old friends enjoyed a (very windy) visit to Sharp’s Farm for pumpkin picking and a hay ride. At our annual Fall Bash the LPK community gathered for pumpkin decorating, scarecrow making, and a potluck dinner. Then we finished off the month with Halloween parties and parades for each class. Whew!

(9) Thanksgiving

Our four-year-old friends learned about Thanksgiving and participated in all sorts of fun Thanksgiving activities through their trip to Sharp’s Farm, their visit with “Tom Tom” (a classmate’s turkey), and their Thanksgiving Feast, an annual event at which the 4’s classes welcome their parents into the classroom for good food and good fun.

(10) Christmas Excitement

December is such a fun time at LPK! Our seasonal center became Santa’s Workshop, in which our LPK friends created Christmas ornaments and other goodies to bring home with them. And right before break each class had a fun Christmas party, with crafts and games and special snacks – just right for feeding all that end-of-year excitement.

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